Commitment to Clients

At LAI, our endeavour is to provide our clients with "solution-driven" legal auditing; applying our in-depth legal knowledge to their business needs and challenges supported by a strong infrastructure. Access to the latest information technology, as well as expertise in International Law ensures that our clients receive the best legal solutions and support. We, at LAI, give utmost respect to the client's privacy and confidientiality and follow a strict non-disclosure policy.

We intend to establish meaningful business relationships with our clients that centre on proactive action, by offering the following:

  • Foster "Solution-driven" legal auditing, advisory and consultancy;
  • Inculcates a culture of compliance which could act as a business enhancer;
  • Minimizie susceptibility to wasteful litigation;
  • A cohesive compliance system within the framework of existing laws and regulations;
  • Examining and evaluating the feasibility of various projects and programs vis-à-vis the applicable laws;
  • Enabling compliance with both current and future legislation affecting internal and external stakeholders;
  • Reducing personal liability of the Executives, Directors and the Company Management;
  • Objectively assessing the Company’s litigious susceptibility;
  • Reducing effective response time by foreseeing potential litigious irritants



News & Opinion

  • 10-10-2014
    Usage Of ATM- Reduction of Number Of Free Transaction
  • 26-09-2014
    Supreme Court cancels 214 out of 218 coal block allocation
  • 11-09-2014
    Bank account to turn Dormant and Inoperative if no transaction for two years
  • 09-09-2014
    Upper Age Limit of Whole Time Director on Board
  • 13-08-2014
    One Time Opportunity In Company Law Settlement Scheme, 2014
  • 06-08-2014
    Major relief for withdrawal of funds under para 68B of EPF Act, 1952
  • 05-08-2014
    CCI asks 20 realtors to respond to a report that shows companies engaged in unfair trade practices
  • 28-06-2014
    MCA extends the scope to establish private industries
  • 25-06-2014
    Exemptions for Private Companies envisaged by draft notification by MCA under Companies Act, 2013
  • 11-06-2014
    Threshold limits for appointment of Whole Time CS restored to Rupees 5 crores

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